As human beings, we strive towards self actualization… the point in life where we believe that we will be satisfied with our efforts and have a sense of complete happiness.

In the end, it seems that happiness is what we really have been striving for. However, we cannot reach this esteemed state if unused opportunities, problem situations and a suppressed or vague sense of self begin to taunt us. Think about it, if we do not know ourselves or what we are about, then we cannot begin our ideal journey, since we have no clue where to begin.

Well, as you will soon discover, I LOVE cartoons and I don’t just watch for entertainment value, I watch for the messages that are there. I was watching Tarzan part I and II the other day and I discovered a few things I want to share.

1. Tarzan was about 17 when he met Jane  Sometimes you can find love early au contrare to popular beliefs.

2. Tarzan has been wearing the same underwear since he was a baby. When people accept you for who you are and all that you are packaged with, you really are not pressured about the little things that may be different about you.

3. The movie seeks to deceive us into believing that language can be acquired after age 5 by Experiential Learning. False. However, while some of us follow the theory of Naom Chumsky and others and believe that as humans we all have the ability t learn language, science has proven otherwise. What we can conclude from the movie is that the need to belong can push us across borders as the need to belong can be as strong as any other physiological or physical need.

4. As animals, in order to survive we usually mistrust the unknown Freudian and Neo Freudian theories assert that this trust vs mistrust is usually occurs around age 1 and gaining trust helps us to lead  successful lives. Seems most gained mistrust as people usually try to hurt or discount anything that is different or outside the norm without trying to understand it

5. In Tarzan 2 when he sought to find his identity, he tried being everything and when he failed he got some good advice from the Zougour….

Zougour told him that he has abilities to do what the other animals couldn’t and where he fell short he made up in other areas and he also learned from everyone which made him so talented. He told him, “Since you are not an Ape, nor a giraffe, I know what you are, you are a Tarzan!”. Self Exploration leads to self discovery

6. While it may be may be painful and silly decisions may be made while trying to find oneself- these help us to become stronger individuals and to be grounded and more confident when we finally find ourselves.

Lessons learned from the movies… Live, learn, love and be you… Be a Tarzan!!