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Have you ever had a migraine? For a second, imagine the discomfort you experienced as your head throbbed with pain at the slightest movement, sound or beam of light. The slightest stimulus that will usually be ignored seems to be amplified and makes your head feel as though it is about to explode! These tiny, yet simple stimuli  usually evokes a feeling of pleasure, but when the migraine is in full gear, they illicit the opposite response- hurt.

I was watching the movie, “We Bought A Zoo“, when one particular sentence inspired me to write. As living beings it is pretty normal to experience anger, sadness, depression, or just what is often referred to as, “the blues”. In the movie, the family in focus conjured up a very sad mood, as they had lost their mother and wife to cancer.The elder child, Dylan was angry and expressed his bottled up emotions through rather graphic and Gothic art, while the younger, Rosie, was rather understanding and made light of the situation at hand.. However, the neighbors brought a different mood, as they were often hosting guests and portrayed a sense of happiness which bothered Rosie, as she would often complain that their happy is too loud.

Is that even possible? Well from my observations… I guess it can be, depending on how you view it.

There are different meanings that accompany a loud happy, here are the happys and the meanings that follow:

Hey, I’m Over Here!

This kind is a call for attention. Some people lead lives that in more ways than one doesn’t totally satisfy them, so by projecting a certain level of fulfillment or happiness, they attract persons or friends who lack fulfillment or motivation. These are usually the type with 2565 Facebook friends, yet have no meaningful relationship with at least 1/8 of that number. On social networks they seem happy and accomplished, as they post everything they believe they should get reinforced for. It is through channels like these that they fill the lonely  or empty spots in their lives, oftentimes giving advice to a number of people in situations like their’s. This kind of happy I believe is not too loud, as it has its purpose- but can get too loud when the problems of the ‘disciples’ start to wear you down.


This type of happy is pretty loud and is usually a cry for help. However, it’s like crying “Ayudame!” in an English speaking country while pretending to be happy. The reality is that although it is really a cry for help, only a few will realize and offer to help as in the minds of others- it is an exclamation of glee. Sigmund Freud spoke to what he called Defense Mechanisms. These are things that people do to help them cope when certain emotions or feelings present themselves that will affect the person’s well being.When some persons are sad or experiencing trying times, they project a feeling of extreme happiness to help them move on. This happiness usually looks phony and if one carefully looks at it- you may begin to wonder if that person flew over the cuckoo’s nest. This happy is too loud and it may just be the sound that will awaken the source of help.

Keeping Up Appearances

Some persons are contented with their living conditions and enjoy life to the best of their abilities. However, there is one mystery, as everything always seems to be fine and they never experience the blues- they are always happy. Well, this being the case, these people just always seem to be happy as this is the image they choose to project in order to keep up with appearances. This is a strategy used to mask problems or issues that they wish not to enter the public’s eye. Sometimes, this happiness is projected to protect pride and integrity or sometimes be used to teach children a lesson to manage impressions or to make do with what one has. Although you may want to project the happiness all the time, ensure it is not to the detriment of your overall health. It is alright to allow the happiness to be reduced a few decibels lower to mend and soothe the areas that have been missed or damaged from the intensity.

Joy, Unspeakable Joy!

After experiencing the blues for a while and then happiness come your way…. the feeling is great! It’s like being told that you can’t have cheese or anything with cheese for a month because you are ill. After the illness has gone and the pizzas and cheeses come flowing in, one tends to overindulge, especially since they have been denied something so satisfying for a while. It’s the same with happiness. At the end of the movie, life had taken a turn for the Mee family and the peals of laughter which seemed to be continuous was the biggest indication that their happiness volume had been increased. When true happiness comes to us, we usually enjoy it immensely and we oftentimes do not realize  that our happy may be too loud!

Just think about it… Is your happy too loud? Just ensure that the happy decibel is at the appropriate level for what you feel inside. To people who are sad and may not have experienced this happiness… It may be too loud, as they are like persons experiencing a migraine.

Guess what, ensure that what you project is correct and true and then true happiness will come to you.