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Because I am motivated, happy, young, free, inspired and proud to be Black.  Because the month is indeed special-short, but filled with so much  special events that I’m taken aback.  Because it denotes strength, humility, assertion, freedom, clarity of thought and expression.

Because it is the month where the planet Uranus rules and Aquarius is lauded for his bold traits- kind, bold, sociable, revolutionary, creative and intuitive. Because it is the birth month of my father and without him, the world would have been privileged to see these words-  from the mind of a gem.

Because it is the month in which King of Reggae Bob Marley, Prince of Reggae Dennis Brown, Elmo and Princess of the Bus Seats, Rosa Parks were born.  Because   sitting down for a cause can make a change  and true expression from the soul is what remains. Because these people continue to inspire us, and gives us reasons to cease being forlorn.

Because it is Black History Month and we know that our history did not begin in chains- but in regal royalty, where Kings and Queens reigned.

Because it is the month in which Pluto was first discovered and it shows that something can be of great worth today and value nothing tomorrow. Because it is a time when Christians begin Lent and sacrifice pleasurable activities and things to share the Lord Jesus’ sorrow.

Because it is a time when couples on St. Valentine’s Day celebrate their their love, with racy lingerie, sumptuous food, stuffed animals, sex and chocolates from Devon, Hersey’s and Dove.

Because in Jamaica we celebrate National Foster Care Week and we open our homes to children in state care and teach them to love, that people care and that there are some humans that are still meek.

Because the University of the West Indies, Mona celebrates Homecoming and we look forward to the Bajans wukking up, Soca and Calypso, Doubles, pies and Caribbean flags waving high to the Bands and the steel pan drumming.

Because it is the Beginning of Carnival where people celebrate freedom, Earthly pleasures and  culture while some focus on getting fit and losing weight.

Because it is when we celebrate Children’s Dental Health and seeing little brown stubs of rotten teeth on tv makes each person pledge to be a better me.

Because my region is considered a melting pot of cultures and Kung He Fat Choy means something to me, so I jump on that wagon,  as the Chinese celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Because I remember my pebble, my shells, drafts, pirates and the zoo and all the lovely things I got the chance to do.

Because I have much to celebrate, and it is said every Caribbean child can dance  and still I can’t, so the best way to express the rhythm of the joyous music in my heart, is to do the February Dance- so I jump and prance!