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About a month ago I was listening to the news, when I heard that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was having quite a few “Charmin Moments”, but she wasn’t as excited as these bears about the go. I giggled to myself and wondered briefly why the excessive actions of the Queen’s bowels had to make it to International News. Then it struck me, she is the Queen, she doesn’t go! Well at least that’s what my mother told me when I was 4 years old and everything she said then, was gospel. I guess lots of other parents told their children that too, as I saw quite a few posts on Facebook relating to the matter.

Your Majesty, just to confirm, is that story true?


Seems like a an affirmative nod and a reluctant “Yep” to me. So it is true.

Through socialization, there are certain things that we learn, mostly through observation of the environment. We learn by association and may have realized that making generalizations make the world easier to understand. We expect some behaviours or actions as acceptable from some people while we view the same behaviours as totally unacceptable by another sub group. It was Sigmund Freud who spoke to how our perception of certain behaviours as young children can impact the rest of our lives, either negatively or positively.

Freud, said that as humans, we develop in stages and non mastery of a any stage stick with us for life and oftentimes have negative repercussions. In Freud’s theory, everything we do is linked to sexual energy which he called libido (I know it sounds kinda pervy, but hear me out). Basically, he says you’ll do it and enjoy it once you are comfortable. The second stage is the Anal stage, which is primarily concerned with control of the bladder and bowels and successful mastery of this stage gives a sense of accomplishment and independence. Freud believed that successful mastery of this stage was very dependent on the parents. He believed that if the parents praised the children and encouraged them, this would lead to successful results and the child will become a successful, creative and competent adult. Not all parents take the gentle road, some punish and use harsh means with the child whenever they have an accident which leads to negative outcomes. If the parents take too much of an indulgent attitude, the child will develop and “Anal Expulsive” personality where they become, wasteful, messy or destructive. If the parent’s responses are too strict then Freud says an “Anal Retentive” personality forms and the child becomes stoic, orderly, inflexible and obsessive.

Well Freud, It seems like most persons I’ve met failed the Course PT101, as they either seemed to be to retentive or expulsive. I would say that most people can fit in the Type A Type B personality schemes. Therefore it would e safe to say that Anal Retentive persons have Type A Personality and Anal Expulsive have Type B Personality. I guess what would be ideal is a balance, never mind leaning to one side, a straight Type A or B doesn’t spell good news for anybody.

Type Bs, often characterized as being calm and less prone to stress, they are often seen as creative, non competitive and reflective. They can just enjoy a game for what it is and backing down is not a problem.  On the downside, they tend not to stick to deadlines and schedules and work steadily on completing a task. Most managers wouldn’t exactly go out and seek this kind of employee. However, whilst Friedman and Rosenham’s study suggested that this type of people are less susceptible to cardiac problems, I believe they may be equally susceptible to depression. Not getting things done on time means a lot of lost opportunities, it may also mean the inability to keep a job and to accomplish major goals in life. I don’t believe that one can ever be too carefree to reflect and realize that their life is a mess and not much has been accomplished. This type of rumination can cause depression to even the accomplished… What say the unaccomplished? Whist that may be the negatives, the positives are very rewarding, as allowing oneself to enjoy the little things in life allows you to feel less stressed and more appreciative of your blessings.

Then there are the Type As. They are characterized as workaholics, people who love competition and  have a lot of drive and the need to control. They are sometimes viewed as aggressive and and tend to have an unrealistic level of urgency over the completion of projects. These persons are often descried as “having sticks up their rear” or in Freudian terms, anally retentive. They tend to be stoic and think they can achieve much on their own. Truth is, this just leaves them tired, stressed, depressed ad prone to heart disease and they generally seem uncomfortable. Maybe they should take some points from these Charmin bears.

Some things in life may be uncomfortable, but having aid in packages that are soft and ultra soft often helps to ease the burden and makes the situation more pleasant. Realize that some things are natural and you will not have control over everything. Some things if you keep it up and not let go, makes you uncomfortable and the longer you wait it makes you feel sick, even on the inside and it is only when you release it that you feel better.

Think about it, having no control is bad, having too much can be worse and in life, sometimes we jut have to let go. As humans, we all go, so why not enjoy the go?

Do you know what kind of person you are? Type A maybe? Click the link below to find out.