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Image  It was about 3 p.m, the sun was out and the fluffy cumulus clouds provided some shade, which made it easier for me  to run and maintain breaths. I ran as fast as I could through the busy Downtown Streets – but they were hot on my heels. I felt the danger energy emanating, so I ran into the Burger King and hid under a table. Shortly after a lady  with “Three Colour Hair” came in the room asking if anyone had seen me and had my picture in hand.

It was then I realized I was in deep trouble, so I hid my face and came out. I walked the streets trying to be inconspicuous while stealing a shirt to change my apparel somewhat. Shortly after, I heard trotting  footsteps and I resumed running. Next, the shooting began and I ran as hard as I could. When I thought I had lost  them, I resumed walking and felt somewhat safe when I saw policemen. It was they who started to shoot and I ran into the gun warehouse and hid, searching for a high powered machine while trying to stay alive- but all I could find were short ranged hand guns. They told me if I faced them I would be fine. It was then, I got brave and the longest and heaviest thing I could find was a 2X4 plank. As I headed out to confront my pursuers- I woke up.

Many may view this dream as a nightmare, but I didn’t. I put on the cap of Freudian and Neo Freudian Psychologists and saw it as  highlighting the issues going on in my ‘Unconscious’ and ‘Subconscious’ states- which clearly highlighted the Existential Crisis I was facing.

Dreams can tell us about things we are unaware of, some believe they can give hints about the future – while a dream can be simply, a dream- something to aspire towards. That dream was showing me that my avoidant personality was  doing me more harm than good, that I should be brave and face the issues affecting me in my life or else the results could be quite serious.  It showed me that there are people who I am trusting  who are not genuine and that I should be careful. The final message from the dream was that problems are only solved when you tackle them head on.

I was watching Happy Feet 2 and  it had a few points about dreams and  dealing with crises that I want to share.

1. Be Realistic–  Erik, a young penguin wanted to fly. When Sven (a puffin bird professing to be a penguin) came, those hopes seemed real. After trying and failing many times he started  to get depressed. It was his father who showed him how to make the best of his other gifts and abilities and set goals which are attainable  comparing yourself to others tends to do more harm than good and taking advice from shaky sources can be detrimental. Be the best of what you can be.

2. Just Act Tough– When Skua scavenger birds tried to eat the young penguins after being separated from their parents, Mumble’s advice was to just look tough. Sometimes, even when we are scared, acting tough scares off the bullies and allows to believe that we are indeed tough- which kills the fear.

3. Dance In Adversity– When the ice split and separated the colony. All attempts made to help were futile. It was that point Mumble began to tap dance. The others were angry at him and wondered how he could be dancing in such a time. It was that time he realized that tap dancing was lifting the lose snow which was filling the great divide. Having a positive attitude in difficult situations, helps us to keep calm and easier find solutions. It is scientifically proven that the stress hormones produced in depression, suppresses thinking neurons.

4.  It’s Ok to Call In Favours– Many of us believe our life is for us to live and no one should help and sometimes the load seem burdensome.  When Mumble needed help, he asked the other penguins and when they weren’t enough, he sought help elsewhere which ended up saving their lives.

5. Face Your Fears- Young Erik was afraid to sing in front of anyone and he was afraid of confrontation. After his dad Mumble, risked their lives to save an Elephant Seal, the seal promised to help whenever they needed him. However when they asked for his assistance, he refused and threatened them. It was at this point that Erik confronted him, singing about how he felt about people honoring their promises and what true bravery was. He sang about his dad being his hero and reprimanded the Elephant Seal who was the leader of his clan. This confrontation  earned Erik the Seal’s respect and the seal used all of his resources to help save the penguins. Sometimes, just standing up for yourself and what you believe in is enough.

Think about, doing what you want to is sometimes scary, and when the world tells you they fear the worst, answer them like Will the Krill……. ” I fear the worst too, but only because fearing the best is an absolute waste of time!”