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It seems to get confusing after a while, as straight lines go through the words like arrows- killing them; striking out what could have been a novel idea… or so you thought. The mounds of crumple paper tell the tale of the story you just can’t unveil.

For some of us, this is due to “writer’s block“, for others, it is a conscious attempt to prevent plagiarism, as the many thoughts that swim around our minds came from some book we have read or film we have seen. Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin or what to continue with, as our brains function as though they are experiencing creative droughts. Recollection of past events and experiences often seem easier, but making our experiences vivid, colourful and alive on paper or even creating fiction from them, tends to be more difficult. Have no fear…

Help Is On The Way!!!


Self Help Books like, “Anybody Can Write” offer insight on how to get our basic thoughts and ideas on paper in an organized way. That is a great start but it isn’t enough.  High school class notes offer little help as we can only do so much by ourselves and good writing classes are expensive.

Have no fear, help is here! iversity.org is a free online school that offers courses in a wide range of areas from writing to engineering and their Future Of Storytelling course may be the answer to all your writing woes. Working on your own time in an environment that suits your comfort, lectures and advice from top University professors from around the world, group forums to address queries and get feedback on your efforts from your peers and professors is as good as it gets. 

Now that Franz Kafka Prize, seems more realistic!

Think about it, telling stories have long been a way of maintaining culture and shaping the future. Remember we all have unique experiences, so write your part for the script of the years to come.