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It is already happening and for those of you who are yet to experience it, don’t be too alarmed when you do. It is not so unusual to see women in the wholesale ordering their  list of “necessary”  items and hearing something like this,  “Mr. Chin, sell me 5 pounds of flour, 5 pounds of rice, 5 pounds a sugar, 10 pounds of chicken back, 6 tins of mackerel and 3 packs of hair!”
A recent article in the Jamaica Observer, highlighted the expenses of Jamaica’s hair import bills and has estimated the cost at almost 1 Billion dollars over a 4 year period. Dr. Veronica ‘Ewurama’ Reid of Beautiful Earth Jamaica described false hair as a staple and not a necessity.  Well, from what I have seen it seems like a necessity,  so here are my top 10 reasons why false hair can be considered a necessity by the people who wear them.

1. Enhances Beauty – Many Black women know they are beautiful and having long hair would only amplify that beauty. Ignoring all Eurocentric remarks, I can safely say many of us are not blessed with bra strap length tresses. So thanks are often given to Remi, Yaki, Milky Way, “Neigh-Neigh” the horse and plastic, for allowing them the opportunity of experiencing long hair. Special thanks to the wind and the battery operated fans for adding the dramatic effect as we strut our stuff.

2. Confidence– I can speak from personal experience that I feel more confident when my hair is clean and nicely styled. Confidence allows one to feel better about themselves and their efforts and can even aid in motivation and interpersonal skills and if hair can do that, I’m all for it.

3. Good Hair Days Always– Uh! Bad hair days, I know all about them and   they kick start your day the wrong way. Wigs , braids, weaves and extensions do not require that much attention just spray , brush and go. As long as they are done properly and stay in for the correct length of time you are good to go and bad hair days become a thing of the past.

4. Protective Styling –  Some women really want to stop buying false hair, they go to counseling for their “Weave-addiction” and others make it their new year’s resolution.  So they decide to keep the hair on their head and allow it to grow long and beautiful.  To achieve this every product company says their products plus protective styling will help to achieve this goal (even the ones that are no good). So the common denominator is protective styling which simply are hairstyles which minimize sun, wind, UV exposure, keep in moisture and doesn’t tug at the hair too much. Weaves and braids have been hailed by relaxed and natural sistahs as an effective way to grow hair. Its an investment I guess,  buy plenty now to stop buying in the future.


5. Volume Express– I guess it’s hard to find people who are fully satisfied with all their natural traits and the hair is no exception.  Many people who have naturally long coifs complain about the hair being too thin and lacking body. So like Maybelline mascaras, putting in extension give the natural volume people think you were born with.

6. Great Transitioning Medium– Let’s face it. It’s a Natural Hair Revolution going on and I’m happy that is becoming more accepted and people can feel good about their natural features.  So it’s not uncommon to see people who once sported relaxed hair now have a teeny weeny afro, a bald head   or half relaxed and half natural.  The latter they call transitioning, the change from relaxed to natural hair without chopping it off. Weaves and braids provide beautiful protective styles for these ladies and a certain manageability, because dealing with two textures can be a handful.

7.  Attracts the right kind of guy– I was told by a friend that mean stingy men will not want a hot girl with false hair and nails to be their bonafide girl because it  means they will be spending! So the more natural the texture of the weave the more he will have to spend. I was also told that the kind of hairstyles one wears give a sneak peek at one’s personality and will help to ward off unwanted suitors… I don’t know how accurate that hypothesis is, but it is interesting!

8. Versatility–  False hair can undergo a lot of abuse unlike our real hair. Some people want to sport kinky Marley braids this week, then a sleek pixie cut next week and look like Beyonce the next week and false hair allows them to. Whether it is to add volume or hoomph to a hairstyle or to get vibrant colours sans peroxide and dye, people are allowed to celebrate versatility and dynamics just by using hair.

9. It Caters to the Lazy and Tender – scalped– Some people have felt the pains of relaxer burns, hot combs, or an angry Caribbean mother who is fed up with your hair texture and the pain is understood.  Some people just don’t like combing their hair for some reason. Don’t worry, wigs, braids and weaves got you covered so your natural hair can enjoy its vacation… for now.

10. The Master of Disguise

This use of false hair has not gone unnoticed.  So if you are hiding from people and wish to blend in and look like a nice Jamaican church sister- false hair got you covered.  If times are hard and you don’t want the looks of destitution to be too visible because your hair needs to be done, false hair got you covered- just put on a little make up and nice clothes that can conceal the weight loss or gain. You will have them thinking you won the lotto. Changing your hairstyle to a fresh new look will have people guessing whether you got a new job or a new man.

Think about it, everything in life is about perception,  I have never worn false hair but people think my hair is Remi. If it helps to make you feel beautiful and confident then do it. Just do it properly and in moderation.