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For the New Year, I got caught up like many of you. Making plans to adjust aspects of my life that will enable me to be a better person. Somewhere in that euphoric state I felt motivated to be healthier. Yea me! Well, I think I’m healthy… I eat well most of the times, I take my preventative inhaler when I remember and I have a super athletic body! So you may ask, “What’s the problem?” or say things like, “This should be easy for you!” Folks I have bad news, the Environmentally Conscious Consumer Operations’ February Healthy   Challenge started February 1 and I’m already doing horribly, I hope reporting to you helps me to be more dedicated.

Here goes: The journey to a cleaner, greener you starts now. This month we invite you to try forming new healthy habits. By changing the way you look at food, the way you exercise and view the environment we hope this journey will transition you to a new person.

We will focus on a new healthy eating routine, new exercise routine and cost savings ideas to help you save when you dine.

This month:

  1. Meatless Mondays is a globally recognized movement to help persons live healthy through the food choices we make. One day per week go meatless.
  2. Green Your Lunch – a sure way to help you save money is to prepare lunch from home. 
  3. Exercise – at least 20 minutes per day

By challenging yourself to try new things we believe you will begin to live healthier lives and you deserve it.

Challenge 1: Meatless Mondays 


I don’t know about other cultures or fancy people, but rural folks in Jamaica have a thing they refer to as, ‘Sunday-Monday’. It’s Sunday dinner that is left over for Monday’s breakfast, lunch or dinner or all of the above and it usually tastes better. I don’t love to cook all the time and Monday is usually lazy day. So I think the struggle is real to switch from tasty Curried Goat or Brown stew  oxtail, to steamed vegetables on Mondays. However I will do it ! I am not a quitter!

Challenge 2: Green Your Lunch

This will probably be the easiest part because I love fruits and vegetables mixed with animal protein prepared in sumptuous ways. The truth is, most of the lunch we buy at the cooks shops around the corners don’t taste as good as our cooking, but laziness takes precedence. Making lunch means getting up earlier but I don’t mind and I’ll share my recipes with you.

Challenge 3: Exercise at least 20 minutes per day 


My University Hall/Grub name alluded to my flexibility, kick boxing, swimming, table tennis, lawn tennis and track and field helped to maintain it. However since I finished University,I pretty much eat ice cream for breakfast very often and exercise is very seldom. So my Zoe Saldana body is pretty much attributed to good genes and a fast metabolism. I tried scrubbing my  feet the other day and had the pains after. A testament to my extreme unfit state! I start this challenge officially tomorrow.

Think about it as something fun we can do together that is definitely worth it. Will you join me?